About Us @ GreenDirections

Green Directions is owned by Mark Woodward


We are based at Townfield Head Farm on the border between Sheffield and the Peak District.

Our commitment to sustainability began in earnest during the early 2000's when we moved to Townfield Head Farm.

In renovating the farm we directly confronted the realities of energy/water management and food production and in doing so reduced our resource consumption. We now save around 40 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere each year despite trebling the size of the internal living and working spaces.

The strategy was to go all electric, using ground source heat pumps for heating and an induction cooker, and then to make the electricity, which we have done with two wind turbines and solar panels.

We now use less energy than a typical terraced house and have turned energy from a cost into an income.

The principles behind this process now informs Green Directions' work in developing low carbon projects across the UK.

Find out more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPwxom8QMjI

International Innovation and Education Director

George Woodward