Projects @ GreenDirections

Green Directions is developing low carbon energy projects with a number of partners.

A particular focus is transforming heat supply for cities and communities using;

Rotherham Heat

The Rotherham Heat project will provide Rotherham town centre and key industrial energy-using areas of Rotherham with a low cost renewable choice for their heat source. It will take heat from the Templeborough Biomass Power Plant (TBPP), which uses renewable waste wood fuels as its energy source, to supply heating to public and private sector commercial, industrial and housing applications. The vision is to expand the network over time to become the largest source of heat energy in the Rotherham MBC area and to add surplus heat from industrial processes, which is currently discharged to atmosphere, to supplement and provide back-up heat to the TBPP source.

Nottingham Heat

Nottingham Heat is an innovative project providing renewable heat to public buildings, housing and businesses in an area of north Nottingham using heat from former mine workings. It will create jobs; generate renewable energy; reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions; retain energy sector and related GVA in the D2N2 LEP region; and help to deliver sustainable economic growth. The network will be capable of expansion and integration with other heat networks in Nottingham.