During educational visits to Green Directions, students experience and learn about:

      using wind power to make electricity

      using solar power to make electricity

      using the warmth of the earth to make heat energy

      By becoming aware of the elements while walking around the farm and observing renewable  systems at work, students start to understand how the forces of nature can help us to:

      preserve our environment

      protect our economy

      increase our security



We have a 6 kilowatt wind turbine that makes about 14,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year  and have just installed a 10 kilowatt wind turbine. Students take readings to find out about the strength of the wind while watching the turbine convert this into electricity to power the buildings.




      Students also have fun doing experiments that demonstrate how the sun can be used to make electricity and learn how we  convert the warmth of the earth a metre below ground level into effective heating.